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My not so secret diary

Green Tea Mouthwash

Get to the airport and taken to the business lounge. I have some chicken and rice followed by some shortbread, washed down with 7up. We chat and then all rock our laptops for a bit before boarding. 

I’m sat next to a Japanese dude on our way to Tokyo. Conversation is more than ‘light’ to say the least, but i’m ok with that. I don’t eat on the plane, opting instead to listen to this dude slurp at his food and then finish by using his green tea as a mouthwash, promptly swishing and spitting. I play GTA for the whole flight, time goes by really quick and we land in a freezing cold Tokyo. Met by Paparazzi as we land, James grabs my arm and we joke for pictures which later spread around the web and I send one to my Mum back in the UK.

We arrive, via McDonalds where I go for a McTeriaki Burger, at our hotel, I unpack and then crash after a bum warming reminder of how amazing the heated toilet seats are in this country.