Filmmaker & Photographer London, UK


My not so secret diary


Board the plane around 130am, I have a spare seat next to me, so go for the foetus position and sleep on and off till landing into Singapore. We have about an hour at the airport, I eat a Subway with Con and Brad, confused as to what or even if I want any food. 

Back on the plane to Manila I start to read and then fall asleep again for around an hour before we land. The arrival to the airport is quite hectic and I film us leaving. It all happens so fast I can’t even adjust my settings on my camera, luckily I was around where I needed to be as I always try to preset for what i’m possibly shooting next before switching the camera off. At the hotel I unpack and log the Perth footage to my hard drives ready for editing. I setup a timelapse on my XT-1 and then grab some photo’s of the sunset with my X100S and then, when the timelapse is finished I grab a few more with the XT-1 and a wide angle lens to get another shot. I start the Perth edit, and then need to send some unseen photos to the Merch company for something before crashing at around 9pm into a deep sleep.