Filmmaker & Photographer London, UK


My not so secret diary

Mount Fuji

I get up around 830 and head down to meet Dave Spearing who is not only here in Tokyo with McBusted, but also at the same hotel. I catch up with Dave over breakfast and then speak to Danny, Matt and Harry from the band too, talking about Tokyo and their upcoming trip to Australia on the same route we just did. 

Around 11am we head towards Hakone to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji via two subway trains, a fast train called a ‘Romance Car’, another two trains and then a bus to the top. In total it takes around 3 hours but it’s more than worth it. The view is literally breathtaking. None of us can take in the size of the Mountain. I grab my X100S and take some photos inbetween filming, thankful I have the built in ND filter to work with. Whilst looking, Brad comes out with a beauty, bringing us all back to earth, when he asks me “Have you got your nail clippers with you?”. Obviously, I don’t. I tell him “I pack well mate but not that well.”

We then walk higher up to some Sulphur laden Geysers, they are really warm and another wonder of the world we live in. The smell however is intense. Imagine a thousand eggs cooking and you still won’t be close. I go in for a shot I really want with the stream bellowing in towards the lens and then clearing to reveal the view, which after a few minutes I get, and probably just in time as I’m about ready to throw up from the smell. Infact one guy near to me almost went down as he starts retching. Not long after, the adrenaline wears off and I realise I can barely move my fingers, it’s around -6 up here and i’ve been holding my camera for about 30 minutes with no rest, my hands are literally freezing up! 

We get the cable car down to Ashinoko. It’s a lake with a Pirate ship, we film something cool on the way down, unfortunately as we arrive the ship is leaving, but seeing it (and filming it) glide across the waters as the sun sets is an amazing sight. We eat in a barbecue restaurant. The barbecue is submerged in the table, it’s good fun and the beef particularly is incredible. I film some bits of that whilst eating and then we get the train back to Tokyo. I get straight into bed, I can hear Brad at my door but by the time I get up and drag myself to ask what he wants he’s already gone. I’m guessing he wanted the nail clippers.