Filmmaker & Photographer London, UK


My not so secret diary

The Red Eye

Up early to edit, fuelled by coffee from the go. Then head down for breakfast with James and Joe and notice the England Cricket team are staying here for there game today against India at The Waca. I meet James Anderson, and, reluctantly ask him for a ‘selfie’ which he’s cool with. My brother is a bigger fan of cricket than me so I get the photo to send to him. 

Around 10am I head out to grab some Perth footage for the video. My first stop is the ferry across to South Perth so I can grab a shot of the view back at the city. When I arrive, a french girl serving me says they don’t accept cards and the ATM is inside ‘Lucky Shag’ and isn’t open till 11am. I don’t ask what ‘Lucky Shag’ is, and decide to leave the ferry shot and head towards the cultural centre grabbing some GV’s (Film term : General Views) along the way. I get back to the hotel, pack and leave for today’s show, the final leg of this years Australia tour. It’s a quiet day backstage, I grab some fan bits and a piece with Brad being warned about the rigidity, or should I say lack of, of the speakers he might jump on during the show. 

Once the show is over I shower, get changed and around 1130am we head to the airport for our 2am flight to Manila via Singapore.