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My not so secret diary

Space Man


Wake up with around 730am with a full throttle cold joining me for the flight home today. We get to the lounge at the airport, I grab some snacks and a coffee before heading into the terminal to get some cough sweets for the trip. On the way I spot a space suit, it says in bold letters "Hands Off" it also has Neil Armstrong written on it, I wonder if it's the real one, and if it is, why is it in the Dior shop in Narita airport? 


We board the plane. Flying home first class so I'm treated with a handshake by BA chief of staff. She already knows my name. Attentively, she spots I'm feeling unwell so offers to get me a load of tissues, paracetamol and a hot water with lemon and honey. "We'll top that up along the way Mr Sherwood." Very nice. I'm then brought my 'sleep suit' on a silver tray. I go and get changed into it and then settle in for the flight. The pilot comes on "Its a short flight today, just 11 hours and 45 minutes." 

I sleep for the first 3 hours then eat the beef while I watch Nightcrawler, it's great, falls into that 'cult classic' genre that Drive does for me. After that I sleep again, for around two hours. I wake up, drink more hot water, lemon and honey and then watch some Top Gear in my bed. We arrive, get our bags and say our goodbyes until next time, by now I'm feeling pretty dazed and confused. 

Back home, I dump my bags and then fuss Imogen. She won't leave me alone, 10 minutes later she's asleep laid on me on the bed snoring and dreaming. Soph gets home from work, we order pizza in. I just about stay awake while I eat, falling asleep around 8am.