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Get up around 6am, wide awake and jet lagged but still happy i’ve had a good eight hours sleep. Take Soph to the station as she’s on a course in London for the day and then head home to eat some breakfast and catch up on my accounts a little. I send some files over to ITV for something they want to broadcast and then send a video over to the International label for something else. Then I crack on through my job list, on it are home insurance, car insurance and my operation on Thursday. I scan everything into my Evernote account (I enjoy a paperless life/workflow) and then start transferring all files from the recent trip from my ‘Travel Drives’ onto my Pegasus edit drive. Thats going to take around 3 hours so I answer some emails and then have some lunch whilst catching up on Tivo’d Top Gear episodes. 

As the file transfer draws to a close I start building my sound beds for the Manila and Tokyo videos and then once all files are transferred I crack on with the new cover edit around 1pm. Around 4pm the first cut is finished. I upload and send to everyone who needs to see/hear and let me know their thoughts on it. By this point i’ve used up all concentration for the day so I rock the iPad on the sofa for a bit before picking Soph up from the station. 

At 5pm I make some changes to a video that is due for broadcast, adding leaders, fall offs and changing the audio output. 

Mr Waters

Space Man