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My not so secret diary


Spent the last few days running tests on my FS7 getting ready for various shoots coming up. One of the tests was hooking up the Odyssey 7Q to the extension back for my camera and shooting some 240FPS Super Slow Motion 2K footage of Imogen (above) eating ice cream. Once i've processed the files and have a look i'll upload a clip here. Though I would love the chance to shoot 2K slow motion at that frame rate when I could, having the camera rigged up like that and being a single shooter just isn't easy at all. Definitely not an ideal doc setup that's for sure (see setup below). 

Aside from running tests (i have a new set of wireless mics too) I have ordered a Teradek Vidiu Mini for live streaming from my camera. Looks like a really nifty setup and I aim to test it as soon as it comes, most likely for a live stream of my cat or something :) before using it on a 'work' shoot. Also getting ready for Thursday's big shoot for the Arena Intro which i'm really looking forward to as it's something very different.