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My not so secret diary

Day Three


Arrived at rehearsals around midday. Chatted some with Tris and Chris before shooting the opening scenes for the documentary. That done I head over to The Tide's studio to setup lights for their cover I'm shooting today. By 4pm the cover is shoot and I'm on my way. I pack up my gear, grab the memory card and head home through the London rush hour. As soon as I get in I feed Imogen and then load in the files from today. I rename and sort into relevant folders before backing up and then jumping into FCPX to transcode into Prores Proxies ready for the 4K edit of the cover. while that does its thing I jump in the shower and then chuck on my comfies before crashing on the sofa with the iPad and my emails from the day. I write some updates into my Hobinichi Planner and then suggest to Soph we pig out and get kebabs, she agrees to the piggy move and I order them straight away. We eat and watch Her which is genius from Spike Jonze, a glimpse of what might become... By the films end we are both falling asleep. I consider editing for a bit as even though I'm tired, I'm in the mood. I check to see if I've been sent the audio file yet, I haven't, decision made, I head to bed, update this and then sleep.

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