The SmallHD (Big Package) 502 Monitor

Ever since I received my A7S and saw the difficulty i'd have focussing using it I wanted and needed, more importantly, a monitor to alleviate that problem. The LCD is good, but not great and the focus peaking is hit and miss to say the least. I stuck by it after trying a few monitors out that didn't really tempt me into buying one. The Zacuto Gratical came close, but at over £2000 I needed to be "Whoa that is awesome!" and I was more "Ok that's better but not great." Then, when my FS7 arrived and replaced my C100 as my main camera for video work, I again was a little disappointed with the LCD monitor. Not just it's lack of focussing ability, but the big clunky plastic viewfinder attachment as well. That's when I finally found what i'd been looking for. The Small HD range of monitors, I know, are amazing. But the problem I had was I didn't want a 7" screen on my camera. I move about a lot, at speed at times, I also get knocked about quite a bit and a 7" monitor would be too big. Then came the announcement of the 502 monitor. 5" screen, only slightly bigger than my iPhone 6, runs off of small canon batteries and is operated by a joystick so no touch screen to get your finger prints all over. I ordered one straight away. 

Attached via a Noga arm and now installed with James Millers DeLuts I use to edit I have the solution i wanted. Not all the features are available yet but that's cool, the basics are all there pretty much and after using it for two weeks daily I can honestly say it's the best monitor i've ever used. I can't recommend it enough. i had a few issues early on, but one email to customer support and within an hour I had a firmware patch from joey and everything was good again, great service. Here's a few photo's of the monitor on my FS7 and on the A7S at the bottom, that's a really nice setup for B-Roll by the way!