Going Solo

Been a day of editing. I've uploaded the first cut of episode two for Awesomeness TV people to view and check, and made a start to episode 4 (I'll come back to three in a few days, there is a reason). Tristan's 2014 tour drum solo video has also gone live tonight. It couldn't be on the DVD for copyright reasons  and we've finally got the audio back to get this, my 'Director's Cut' online and live. Here is the video :

Unfortunately this couldn't feature on the live DVD due to copyright of the songs Tris used in creating the track. I'm pleased it's finally got the go ahead to go live though. 

As you can see I've also changed the site about a bit lately. Newest edition is bringing the sidebar back to the blog over there -> but have a look round if/when you have time as there's a lot of updates.  

Finishing the day off at my local Starbucks ;)