Soph's alarm wakes me. I sit up and check emails from America including one from Emery at answering a few questions I had about their new video upload service for client/editor collaborations. 

I get up and make some tea. Then make my morning smoothie. It's my standard mix of blueberries, strawberries, banana, mango, cinnamon honey, peanut butter and almond milk. 

Delivery arrives. It's a bunch of backup drives, I'll do that first before anything else. Backing up always jumps the job queue. So important.

I switch on my iMac and start cloning hard drive files. It'll take a while so while that's going on I fire up the MacBook and start picking some photos I like from my recent photo shoot for a magazine and my website.

Decision made, i’m going to head to my local Starbucks to edit for a few hours today. I copy the relevant files over to my SSD Edit drive then leave them transcoding proxies so that when I get there around midday I can get stuck into editing straight away. Transcoding will take about an hour so I use this time to get some cleaning done in the flat and answer a few more emails.

The transcode was quick. I always forget just how fast Thunderbolt SSD drives actually are. I grab a Maple Macchiato and a table and start editing. My main issue is there’s no socket near me, I need to be on the lookout for a table change pretty quick, even though I have full battery, editing 4K isn’t a ‘battery capable’ task.

I head home with a cinnamon swirl, flat white and first cut of a new Tide cover. I say new, we shot it months ago now, it just hasn’t been wanted till now so took a back seat till I had time to squeeze it in. I want to grade on my iMac and in better light in my suite.

Two edits are finished and uploaded, the second edit being a simple one-take shot so just needed audio clean up and a grade, emails sent to who needs to see them and I finish my editing for a bit until I hear back about any changes anyone wants made which will most likely be worked on tomorrow. I make a cuppa and change into some jeans as I want to visit town to get a new shirt and maybe a blazer for Paris on Monday.

Home. I dislike shopping, a lot. However it did seem to be a success, so not so bad today. Met Soph while I was there and resisted checking out the Apple Watch which is good. Answered some emails as soon as I got back in, made a cup of ginger and lemon tea and loaded the files from today back on to my main drives before calling my Mum and Nan.

Fajita Friday commences. We chow them down with some wine and then watch ‘Wild’ starring Reese Witherspoon. I think Soph likes it more than me. I’m left a little disappointed by what to me seemed a bit of a muddled story and not enough use of what I imagine is some pretty incredible scenery. 

Time for bed. Once final check of the emails incase there’s anything pressing that needs answering followed by a catch up on the days websites I follow before sleep.