Links Of Note

Something new i'd like to start doing here each week is rounding up my 'top' links from the weeks social media, photo journals, new video releases and more. Of course, should you wish to, you can also follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram too.


The Sweet Setup posted my home edit suite with my choices of hardware and software for editing and keeping my business in sorts. Though it's now a little out of date (new desk layout above with Retina 5K iMac) it still as a whole shows my basic setup and what apps I choose to use the most. You can see it here.


If you follow me on twitter you'll know i'm a regular user of the phone app VSCO. I also have a 'grid' of photo's mostly taken on my iPhone and i've just added a few more to it. You can see them here, and if you have the app you can follow on there too.

A new Awesomeness TV Episode Directed & Edited by me went live. You can view it above.

Me and my girlfriend Sophie had a few days holiday in Paris. I of course took a few cameras. You can view either my VSCO Journal or my Storehouse Journal from the trip by clicking on either of the screengrabs from my iPhone above (they are also viewable on the web if you don't have the apps! You should have them though, they are both free to download)