Living With The Apple Watch

I've had my Apple Watch for a few weeks now. Unsure whether it would be something i'd really need at the start it has become somewhat essential already. Freeing me up to become more productive and more active in my day to day life. Here's a sample day with the watch :

745am : Awake, laid in bed, I get a reminder on my wrist to remind Sophie to take her Quiche to work that’s in the fridge. I set it last night because I know she’d forget, and I'd forget to remind her.

8am : I get up and make my morning coffee for my morning coffee (that’ll make more sense in a moment). This morning it’s ice, vanilla ice cream, milk and coffee blended to make a frothy iced coffee, it's already 27 degrees Celsius outside so I figure I'm allowed this mix.

815am : My watch tells me it’s time for my ‘Morning Coffee’ list. I have a repeating Omnifocus daily task checklist which I usually perform in bed or in the living room. This morning I lay on the bed as theirs a nice breeze coming through the bedroom windows.

835am : Morning Coffee finished. On the daily tasks are things like sorting through my inbox, updating my calendar, checking through the touring app we use for updates and adding video/photo links to our group slack account.

9am : I get my morning Dark Sky weather update for the day, of course, on my wrist, while I wash the dishes.

915am : I walk to the shop to pick up some ingredients for my morning shake. Before leaving I setup an outdoor walk on my watch. Knowing i’m tracking heart rate/calories etc makes me walk faster which obviously has health benefits.

930am : I tick off ingredients on my wrist using Bring, and the shared shopping list me and Sophie have. I also glance two emails while i’m shopping and dismiss them for answering later.

945am : I make my morning shake. This morning it’s 2 apples, a banana, some lemon, cucumber, spirulina, flax seed, goji berries, wheatgrass and coconut water.

950am : As I approach my desk MacID taps my wrist and asks if I want to unlock my iMac, I click unlock and … well, it’s just damn cool!

10am : I take some stuff to the skip. I fire up google maps on my phone and head to the household recycling plant, getting haptic instructions on my wrist while I drive, I don’t even look at my phone for the journey. The watch directs me via tap combinations.

11am : Due reminder ‘ring mum’. I know that seems like something I should do anyway, and it is, but i’m trying to empty my human brain into my digital brain as much as possible so when I edit etc I don’t have that constant ‘did i forget to do something?’ question hanging over me.

1115am : Editing time. I leave my phone in the living room on purpose. If someone calls, I can take it on my watch and then using handoff take it on my phone if I want to, or I can send them a quick "I'll call you soon." Message from my wrist. With my phone not there and only my editing software open on my iMac, i’m ready to get some serious progress going with my edits today.

Photo 23-06-2015 12 42 48.jpg

1245pm : It’s a Saturday so there’s less emails coming in but the few i’m receiving I glance at on my watch and carry on editing, nothing as yet needs answering straight away.

1pm : I get a reminder from the activity app on the watch to stand up and move around for a few minutes which prompts me to make my lunchtime smoothy. In it goes Banana, Carrot, Cucumber, Spirulina, Blackberries, Wheatgrass, Flaxseed, Almond Milk and my magic ingredient to make it taste great, organic peanut butter. I walk around the house doing a few chores before heading back to the edit suite with my drink.

135pm : A tap from the British Airways app lets me know online check in is now open for my flight tomorrow. I reserve my seat and check in.

150pm : It’s time to stand up and move again. I put the rubbish out, do my 3 minute Yoga mashup and wash my lunch dishes before making a cup of tea and then carrying on with more editing.

3pm : I’m reminded I need to update my FS7 firmware via an Omnifocus notification. I pause the edit, grab my camera and get that done.

350pm : I answer a couple text messages using Siri and then get another reminder to get up and move.

430pm : 5 solid hours of editing and i’m done for for the day. I’ve made a start on one video and managed to upload two others for client approval. My phone is still in the bedroom, i’ve answered what i’ve needed to via the watch and left the rest for ‘after work’.

5pm : My phone has 72% battery and the watch 62%.

630pm : Me and Sophie head out for an evening walk. I fire up the ‘outdoor walk’ option in the fitness tracker and receive taps for each half mile walking I do, it’s only a short 2 mile walk but it’s worth tracking so I can push myself next time to either walk further or get my average heart rate up a little more by walking a little quicker.

740pm : I receive an update from Just Eat letting me know my take away order is on its way.

930pm : I put my watch on charge, it has 44% battery left. My phone is now at 58%.

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