Sorry i’ve been distant. A cocktail of 50% busy doing great things in my edit hole and 50% feeling sorry for myself after a bug/cold got to my immune system and threw it around like a stuffed toy. Currently sat chilling on my bed in my hotel room in Toronto watching some Mad Men episodes before sleep and figured it was time I write in this so called Diary i’m ‘keeping’. Truth has it, beating myself up about not writing in here is maybe a tad harsh on myself. Here’s why. I’m currently editing two feature length films whilst juggling some filming (though not much) and some photo’s (more in that department than usual). Sprinkle on top of that fat tasty work pie a few more edits I need to finish and some I already have (links below) and you’ve got one big work heavy calorific super king size pie of things to do in front of you…me.

Anyhow, I also need to take time to shave before I enter full Hobo status, so, back soon, hopefully. In the meantime here’s a chunk of videos/edits and photo’s from the past few weeks… (Go figure, what happened next, the wifi went down, so I sulked and flicked Mad Men back on, this was eventually finished this morning at home after a crazy few days where we flew from Toronto to St John's in Newfoundland and back because we couldn't land due to fog. Our pilot tried to land and then at the last minute pulled out and we soared back up through the clouds.)


I also filmed and edited a few cover videos for The Tide...

Some Photo's..

I also uploaded a gallery to my storehouse account, here's the photo's in gallery form from our short stay in Banff Springs, Canada along with a few other places we visited along the way...