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My not so secret diary

Chicago - Minneapolis

Travelled today from Chicago to Minneapolis. I chatted to staff from the Virgin Hotel we stayed at last night, and thanked them for a sweet night. Great bed and the most thought out room layout I've ever seen, and I've seen a LOT of hotel rooms now. This is the flagship and still (at time of writing) only Virgin Hotel in the world. Looking forward to more if they follow this style. All three staff said they want to leave Chicago because of the winter conditions, which is sad, I love that city. I've never been in winter though, so I can't judge their opinions fairly. 

On the journey I slept a bit, listened to the WTF podcast chat with Actor/Writer Jason Segal and filmed a new cover video with The Tide. It's not easy filming on a moving bus. Got to the hotel and was offered a city view upgrade from the 23rd floor. That's the view above (see more here on my Instagram account). I edited a bit and then laid on the bed to procrastinate. Which to me just means I catch up with my favourite websites and writers via the Unread app on my iPad. 

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