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My not so secret diary


Woke up around 6am, not a clue where I was, but sure I had loads to do. Jumped out of bed and started editing project one of three I need to finish today. Travelling by Bus slows me down. I get motion sickness if I try to edit, so it’s not an option, and yesterday we had an 8 hour tour bus journey here so i’m conscious I need to make up time, this is a horrible way to edit, I don’t advise it to anyone. 

Load up files that need to transcode ready for edit in FCPX and then eat some yoghurt, fruit and wash it down with tea i’ve brought from home. While the footage transcodes I hit the gym and watch Tottenham v Arsenal on a bike for 40 minutes before playing some basketball on the court inside the hotel #America .

I get to the venue around 5pm and immediately head out to the Apple store as I need another hard drive. I grab that and am taken back just in time to eat with the band and a few crew, I opt for a double Caesar salad day and order exactly what I had for my lunch back at the hotel. The show is hard on Brad who’s feeling it a little in his voice but they smash it nonetheless. Back at the hotel I stay up till around 4am preparing the screen visuals for the Canada shows before hitting the sack.

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