The Sony RX100IV

This is not a camera review. It's just some tests on my own terms that I 'gone and done' whilst on a trip with Sophie, my girlfriend, to Belgium for my birthday. On paper, the Sony RX100IV looks like the perfect walk around pocket camera for me whilst travelling. 4K, tick. 100FPS 100Mbits Slow motion, tick. It can shoot up to 1000FPS, but it looks like dirty dirt so i'll never use it, unless it's for somewhere like Instagram maybe. Anyhow, here's the videos and a few photo's too. It's not a camera I would use for photo's. I love my Fuji XT-1 23/56 combo and I also just homed the A7RII with it's whopping 42 megapixels (and 4K internal recording ability), but that said, in a pinch, if I had to, I wouldn't shudder at taking a photo with this little beast. To see bigger versions of the photo's go to my Flickr and make sure you watch the 4K test in 4K, of course.

4K test/random frames on the new Sony RX100IV all shot at 25FPS 100MBPS in S-LOG2. Light grade added in FCPX. Mostly at 1600 ISO though some of the night scenes are 3200 ISO. 

100FPS test/random frames on the new Sony RX100IV all shot at 100FPS 100MBPS in SLOG-2. Light grade added in FCPX. All at 1600 ISO though the first & last scenes are 3200 ISO.