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My not so secret diary

SYD -> Singapore

The only time i'm jealous of his lack of height.

The only time i'm jealous of his lack of height.

Left Sydney and headed to Brisbane for the connecting flight on to Singapore. First class on Qantas is great and I settled in to some editing on my iPad pretty quickly with a glass of champagne. However, It didn't take long before Brad was interested in what I was doing so I gave him a quick run through of Photoshop fix and then let him play for a bit (see our comparison edits below). I plough through more edits, getting into pencil editing on the pro. It's hard at times and isn't as good as using a tablet and photoshop, but it's better and more capable than I expected, it's also great fun. I nap for a about an hour before we land and are taken to our hotel in the Marina area of Singapore.

I'm up for sunrise so take some photos from my room on the 27th floor, set up for editing and then head down for breakfast. First day here we have promo, a school visit and then a signing, so I check everything is charged and ready to go and then dive into the edit. As usual, I rig up my FS7 about 30 mins before lobby call, as adding the monitor/mic and extension arm can be fiddly. 30 minutes later the camera is packed down. There seems to be a power problem and it's getting worse. It started a few months ago when we were in Spain, the camera took around 20 minutes to turn on, not ideal. Today, however, it just didn't turn on. Maybe if I'd left it longer it would have, but waiting around all day...that's not an option. I change bags and go with my A7SII instead. It's still a very very capable camera, and later in the day I actually realise, in some instances, it's the better choice over the FS7. Once we finish, a late decision sees us at the night Safari and it's awesome. I shoot some video, having some fun along the way with Tris and Brad acting up for me as usual. Back at the hotel around midnight I crash pretty quickly, falling asleep whilst reading some blogs I needed to catch up on.

Day two in Singapore is show day. I wake at 815am. Showered and clothed I head to breakfast. A full English was thoroughly enjoyed (I didn't eat tea last night, let me off!) as was some honeydew pudding (healthier than it sounds) and tea. I head back up to my room to offload last nights footage from the Night Safari and edit an Instagram teaser from the night. 

That done I jump back into screens editing only stopping for coffee, some lunch and helping Brad backup his laptop before heading to the venue with everyone around 230pm for tonight's show. The show is fun to shoot, though extremely hot. I head out to stage around 15 minutes before the band to allow my cameras/lenses to acclimatise to the temperature change. Those of you who shoot will know the issues you can have if you expect to use your camera straight away when going from an air conditioned room to the humidity outside in a country like Singapore.

After the show I opt to head out into the city to grab some long exposure night shots and enjoy the tranquillity of sitting by the marina while I do. I get back around midnight, dump my cards from the day onto my hard drives and then get to bed around 1am.