The Vamps 2016 UK Tour Film

Just released is my film of The Vamps on their 2016 UK Tour. It's an extended version of my 5 episode series whilst on the tour, there is around 20 minutes more footage in the final video. If you have a spare hour, give it a watch, it's at the bottom of this blog post. We/I never intended on making a 'feature' version from the tour. We did the year before (available here) and the decision was made that on this year's tour we would go bigger with the YouTube series. Here's Episode 1 (the rest can be found on The Vamps YouTube channel).

Apart from around 4 minutes of the film this is entirely shot on my Movi M5. I wanted a completely different feel for this years documentary and the Movi gave me just that. Here's some posts of the Movi, me in action with The Movi and even the boys getting involved on stage with me during a show!

You need to become a 'tech' as well as an operator if you are going to use the Movi alone. Here's my kit bag (above) spread out at home whilst doing some servicing before heading off on the next leg of the tour after Europe.

Ready to go in Santiago, Chile. The @freeflysystems #Movi M5 is all setup 👍🏼 #iPhone6SPlus Timelapse

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Setting up now takes me about 20 minutes. A lot of fine adjustments to balance the camera and then checking the monitoring efficiency via the Freefly app.

On stage 'Moviying' with the @freeflysystems #Movi #MoviM5 in Newcastle. (Thanks for the photo's @paigeniamhh )

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Here's the film...

Client : Virgin EMI / The Vamps
Director, Filmmaker, Editor : Dean Sherwood
Live Sound Mix : Chris Davidson