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Merry Christmas (here's some new work)

It's been a very busy end of year for me. It often happens, but not normally quite this busy. I've Directed 9 videos in the past three weeks, 6 of which I have also filmed and i'm in the middle of editing them all. I have 2 left to edit. Over the past few days three Christmas themed music videos have gone live for the three bands I am currently working with, here they are, along with some words (not many, don't worry), and stills...

CREDITS : Directed & edited by me.
The Vamps - 'Hoping For Snow' came out about two years ago. The idea for the video was to record the band live in a recording studio. Lit with encapsulites and red and blue gels with the hanging Christmas lights adding a warm glow to the face and feel of the video.


CREDITS : Directed, filmed & edited by me.
The Tide - 'Christmas Mashup' was filmed in Guy Chambers' studio in North London. I wanted to feature the retro feel of the 'inner circle' of recording equipment Guy has. It was tight, and I had to be very careful not to kick any mic stands over or make a noise whilst filming this on my Movi. Right at the very start of the video i'm framed up to Sting's bass that just happened to be staying there on that day.


Whilst the band were getting ready and we waited for light to drop outside so it would be dark enough I took some stills on my A7RII and Sigma 35mm F/1.4 lens...

CREDITS : Directed, filmed & edited by me
New Hope Club - 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (cover)' filmed at my third choice of recording studio in London. A simple idea of lights coming on and switching off throughout and the camera moving in and out and intertwining between the band. I love that wall by the way!