A Winter Update...

Its been a while, again. Same excuse, thankfully, I guess. Been a fun few weeks of producing, directing, filming, editing and some photo shoots thrown in as well. Below is a brief overview of some new work of mine that has been released recently.

As I shot the front cover for The Vamps single *All Night* I thought i'd replicate the colour swatch as close as possible for New Hope Club's cover of the same song. A simple 'oner' shot on my Movi M5 with the Sony A6300 and 10-18mm F/4 lens, also by Sony.

The 'one shot' or as previously termed 'oner' is a favourite of mine for many reasons. I always notice them when i'm watching TV or films, hit pause, rewind, watch again...repeat, until a cup of tea hits me in the head to wake me back up from my 'one shot daydreamery' from Sophie. This one is a little different to my usual, hand held using my FS5 and the excellent Sigma 24mm F/1.4 lens, it's a little more raw this way and I felt it suited the surroundings too.

Kids by the Tide, another cover music video. This time i'm circling the band and the edit keeps cutting to different parts of the circle. Subtle but makes it a little more interesting to watch than a constant circle. Props were placed around the circle so the camera would go behind them allowing seamless cut points throughout the video.

The Vamps new Single  All Night.  Cover photography by me, 3 images combined to produce it. 

The Vamps new Single All Night. Cover photography by me, 3 images combined to produce it. 

I've also recently made a much needed Flickr update which you can visit and see more of my recent work at here. Here's a few in this post incase, like me, you can't be bothered to click links today...