I've been in LA for a few days now in preparation for the Music Video I am Directing and a photo shoot too. Most of my time has been spent in my room at the hotel in Hollywood planning and prepping, which isn't all bad. The view is pretty great, in fact while I write this blog post sat on my bed I can see the Hollywood sign perched proudly over the hills. When I get chance I've been popping outside to stretch my legs, take in some LA and of course always have a camera on me.

This morning I popped down to Coffee Bean by my hotel to get some coffee and work on my shot list for tomorrow. I sat next to, what turned out to be, a pretty damn great Zach Galifianakis lookalike. We spoke for about an hour about his job, people would keep asking for photo's and he would oblige, happily, getting straight into character, he was really good to be honest. Before he left I asked for a photo, not a selfie, just a photo of him. I gave him some cash and he said goodbye. After that I walked back to my hotel and en-route was stopped in my tracks by a homeless man. He didn't ask for money, just wanted to show me a trick with a banana. His trick didn't work and when the banana hit the ground he got upset as that was his breakfast and he didn't want it to bruise. I spoke with him for a bit. He told me he used to be a zoo keeper, one of the best. Unfortunately though the zoo was closed down, and he couldn't find work. Fast forward two years and he's homeless, so sad. I said goodbye, but headed back to Coffee Bean to get him some food. I asked him to tell me, if he didn't have the banana, what would he most like for breakfast, and he just said "Cream cheese, I love me some cream cheese." I came back with two bagels and a bunch of cream cheese, he was ecstatic, and I hope you can see his happiness in the photo's below. Making his day better definitely made mine better too, nice to meet you Nati-Boy (which comes from him being from Cincinnati).