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My not so secret diary

Hong Kong

We arrived in Hong Kong late at night. My plans to go and explore scuppered by the rain. Next day we filmed a cover (see below) in the massive exhibition centre. I had the idea to light the video using the four cars we had in the 'fleet', those being for the band, crew, management and the tide. I think it turned out well for a one take video. We only had one take as one of the cars had to leave as soon as we'd finished filming! Here's some photo's from hong Kong as well...

Hong Kong was also the scene of Connor twisting his knee on stage which will unfortuately see him unable to perform for a while, fingers crossed he's back for the UK tour. Side of stage after it happened I got some really nice footage when Brad came over to see him, it'll feature in the DVD. Here's a still from the cover shoot inside the venue using the cars as tris walks on to set.