Freeflying begins...

Yesterday I shot a teaser for the bands upcoming UK tour whilst they were in rehearsals in London. Knowing last week I wouldn't get much of their time, I wrote down an idea, as you'll see in the video, that pretty much meant I only needed to annoy them for about 10 minutes (the hardest shot to get right was Tris's drum stick spin because of the speed he picks up a stick up and does it!). The basis of the idea was to portray an empty, eerie rehearsal room that is coming into life more and more by the end of the video before the graphics part kicks in, hopefully I achieved that!

About 90% of it was filmed using the awesome Movi M5 3 axis digital gimbal made by Freefly. Before I go into how I've set my Movi up here's a little 360 video shot on the Ricoh Theta S which I had mounted on the Movi handle. Some browsers aren't supporting 360 video yet, it works on my phone and hopefully it will work for you too.

Having fun filming with the Freefly Movi M5

Having fun filming with the Freefly Movi M5

On my M5 I have the A7SII by Sony with a 16-35 f/4 Sony Vario lens. To frame my shots I'm mounting the excellent Small HD 502 monitor mounted using an Xtender 2 with a super thin cable so it doesn't pull when the gimbal tries to turn/balance. I've also got the Movi wifi adaptor connected so I can control tilt/pan and more using the Freefly Akira app on my iPhone. The A7SII is notable for its poor battery life so I am also going to test powering it via a USB charging bank, however that would mean I'd lose the ability to connect the Fotga remote control which enables me to stop/start record without awkwardly reaching down to the camera whilst operating. That 'issue' aside the Movi is already proving its worth. It's also great fun! I've got a few shoots in the next two weeks before the tour starts that involve the Movi a lot and involves some complex blocking with camera moves, should be fun!

I thought last night I may have gone too far with the 'eeriness', so i sent a quick 30 seconds edit to the band and they all loved where I was going with it. Always good to make sure you're not going down the wrong path if you can!

N.B. The banner photo for this post was taken at the end of the music video I Directed in LA for The Tide. That video was signed off yesterday and goes live soon. I'm really happy with how it turned out on such a small budget.