Movi Operating

I've been interested in the MOVI 3-axis gimbal stabiliser since it arrived in the industry 3 or so years ago and I watched an amazing piece by Vincent Laforet. Ever since i've grown a love for stabilised work but never really 'got involved' myself. I tried the Glidecam but grew to hate the time it took me trying to set it up every day and moved away from any kind of stabilised setup in my daily productions. Recently I took the plunge. It was on the 'Young Love' music video I Directed for The Tide in LA that I realised how much I love the smoothness of a gimbal move and these amazing flowing 'oners', one of which I Directed into the intro to the music video.

Check out the 10 second wrap around 'oner' about 7 seconds into the video. I'm Directing both camera and Austin in this shot while we filmed so all the Audio is added in in the edit.

My Movi setup started with the A7SII as camera body of choice but when I first witnessed the new AFC tracking ability of the A6300 I jumped on it. As a single operator on a MOVI your hands are pretty much tied holding the stabiliser (as softly as you can to avoid adding your footsteps to the mix as you walk) so any kind of improvement to AF whilst rolling is a god send. The other option is to manually set your focal point and try to maintain your distance from the subject, not always possible, especially in an essentially documentary environment.

The A6300 has either the 10-18mm OSS Sony or 24mm Sony lens on it. For audio I run my SVMX into my new Ninja Flame by Atomos. The Ninja Flame is also recording video in ProRes 422 format, for safety I also record internally on the camera. Also mounted onto the MOVI handlebar is a USB power bank which charges the camera and at time I also mount my Theta 360 video/stills camera. I've experimented with video on the Theta and I think we'll delve into the realms of 360 very soon. The camera quality isn't quite there yet on the Theta so i'm just working out the best environment for it before we go 'live'.

On stage with The Vamps. Movi operating and trying not to fall off the thrust in front of 14,000 people a night!

On stage with The Vamps. Movi operating and trying not to fall off the thrust in front of 14,000 people a night!

I've put together a quick reel of my MOVI work which in the coming months i'll add to and improve (hopefully!), here it is :

Here's a 'oner' from the end of the bands set in Liverpool on the UK tour a few weeks back. Worth noting just how great the SVMX mic is on this one as well ;

To see more of my MOVI work check out the ongoing tour series I am currently shooting/editing with The Vamps here.