Vamps Live Acoustic Session

The final video is now live from our ‘content’ day back in December. This, an original song by the band was recorded live and had a slightly more complex look to the others. We had 9 encapsulite tubes which were floor mounted via clamps to some feet. They kicked out a lot of light, so the backs of all the lights have black wrap on them so they won’t spill light onto the walls. If this had happened there would have been literally no separation in light between the band and the walls. Hopefully the light you can see on the sides of the guys faces (known as rim light) is coming through just strong enough to show we managed to pull it off. Anyway, this is one of my favourite videos to date I think, I’m very happy with the look, here it is, along with some still frames from too.


As I have mentioned on previous blogs, this video was shot on a day we actually filmed three music videos on. Hoping For Snow and Rockabye were the other two, there's some frames below from those videos as well. To shoot 3 videos and make them all have a very different feel to one another is not an easy task but I think if you look through each set of stills we pulled it off. I edited, like always in FCPX, making use of the software's amazing organisational abilities I was able to easily go through everything from the day and keyword, reject clips, select favourites and even set my in and out points. This makes the actual edit very fluid and very quick. For All Night I also needed to cut a 1 minute version for Instagram and a 30 second version for Twitter (below), this took me no time, I probably edited both versions (and they are both completely different and have different selects in them to each other and even the main video) in about 10 minutes. 

Here's some still frames from Hoping For Snow..

..and Rockabye...

This is how my browser looked in FCPX. 

The red lines indicate rejected clips, which as I start to begin editing will be taken out of view as I don't need to see them. The blue areas are keyword sections of a clip and green indicates a favourite. You can click on the image to make it bigger if that floats your boat.