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Man in the mirror. 

First day I failed to take a photo for the diary, picked something (very) random from the archive.

Good to be back at home, not shooting or in a post production house for the past week. Too much on my todo list and not enough hours.  

Edited what I shot yesterday all day. I got a lot of coverage. So pleased I stuck with FCPX back in its dark/early days. I couldn’t edit as fast I do in any other software. Was planned to go live tonight but has been put back, to I think, tomorrow. As soon as I heard it had been put back I jumped on the couch to watch the last few episodes of ‘The End Of The F**king World’ on the flix with Soph. Haven’t really ‘chilled’ for ages. Liked it, didn’t love it. Did LOVE how it looked. A lot of it reminded me of True Romance (an oldie but a goodie). 

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