Tiger Feet Music Video

After Good Day had been finished talks started about shooting a video for the other track New Hope Club put together for Early Man, Tiger Feet. Initially Studio Canal were going to get involved and it would follow the same format as Good Day, to include film footage. I already had the idea of the diner, and to incorporate the film into the edit I was going to have an old projector in the restaurant and make it into a slightly surreal [but pretty cool] party where you have the diner, a dance floor and a home made cinema section too. 

After a few days of talks it was decided that this would just be a standalone music video without footage from the film. It was also suggested that Lisa & Lena, friends of the band, could be made available if the treatment fitted. 

Once the treatment was signed off I went about trying to source a location which along with my production team we found and myself, Murren (my DP) and Sophie (Producer) all went to see if the Diner could work. It did, but we had a small problem in that the Diner was letting in too much light and as this was a Diner party we need it to have a night feel. That meant changing our schedule to a predominantly evening shoot, which we could do, but the location was more expensive in the evening and our budget was mega tight! 

Once we'd made the budget work I needed to have a rethink about the treatment, I now had a few hours spare that would be during daylight at the start of the shoot. That's when I came up with the simple narrative idea that Blake goes off into a daydream meaning we could shoot the start and end of the video first, then shoot the walk into the diner during twilight and the party scenes / performance scenes would fall into darkness. 

Here's the video, which I also edited as well as Directing...