The Vamps Book (photos by Dean)

It's nice to have a reason to take a trip back down memory lane. This past spring I had that opportunity. I spent days going through photographs and collating a batch, which eventually amounted to more than 500 photos, in preparation for the bands first book. 

Merry Christmas (here's some new work)

It's been a very busy end of year for me. It often happens, but not normally quite this busy. I've Directed 9 videos in the past three weeks, 6 of which I have also filmed and i'm in the middle of editing them all. I have 2 left to edit. Over the past few days three Christmas themed music videos have gone live for the three bands I am currently working with, here they are, along with some words (not many, don't worry), and stills...

A Winter Update...

Its been a while, again. Same excuse, thankfully, I guess. Been a fun few weeks of producing, directing, filming, editing and some photo shoots thrown in as well. Below is a brief overview of some new work of mine that has been released recently.

Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge is the latest craze across social media and I had to get involved with The Tide at the end of our day in a London Studio filming and taking some photo's. The concept is, quite obviously, to act out as mannequins in a video.

The Vamps 2016 UK Tour Film

Just released is my film of The Vamps on their 2016 UK Tour. It's an extended version of my 5 episode series whilst on the tour, there is around 20 minutes more footage in the final video. If you have a spare hour, give it a watch

Movi Operating

Recently I took the plunge. It was on the 'Young Love' music video I Directed for The Tide in LA that I realised how much I love the smoothness of a gimbal move and these amazing flowing 'oners', one of which I Directed into the intro to the music video.

UK Tour Documentary

Over the course of the tour I have put together just over an hour's total footage nearing half a million views on the bands YouTube channel & here's each episode from the series.

Hong Kong

Our brief stop off at Hong Kong. A beautiful place with amazing culture and History. Unfortunately it rained but here's a few photo's and a music video from the trip.