Vamps Live Acoustic Session

he final video is now live from our ‘content’ day back in December. This, an original song by the band was recorded live and had a slightly more complex look to the others. In this post I also talk briefly about editing and the two other videos I directed on this day.

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A Winter Update...

Its been a while, again. Same excuse, thankfully, I guess. Been a fun few weeks of producing, directing, filming, editing and some photo shoots thrown in as well. Below is a brief overview of some new work of mine that has been released recently.

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Tour Documentary

I am now three episodes into what looks like around an 8 Episode YouTube Documentary for this years tour. It would have been nice to have started this in Australia / Asia back in Jan/Feb but because the band needed a DVD for the I Found A Girl single release that couldn't happen. The plan with it is to make the 8 episodes (I say 8 it could end up being anything from 8 - 12) and then release a longer version with a bunch of unseen stuff around Christmas, i'm guessing that would be a DVD though i'm pushing for a digital version of it most likely on iTunes. As for what was filmed backstage in London, that'll be a little extra on the Live DVD I just Directed at The O2 Arena for the band. Anyway, onto the episodes :

The third episode was entirely shot on the new Sony A6300 and my Freefly Movi M5. It has the worlds fastest Autofocus tracking system in video mode and though it misses a few times (which if you watch very very closely you can see, it is in the whole 'mind bogglingly' good! The only problem I need to solve is if I have the 10-18 f/4 Sony lens on the camera the lens protrudes top and bottom and i'd end up damaging the lens if I mounted it on Movi. So at the minute I have the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 on at all times but thats a great lens anyhow, so not too worried. Have had some great feedback on social media on the series so far so thanks to anyone who's taking the time for that! 

On stage 'Moviying' with the @freeflysystems #Movi #MoviM5 in Newcastle. (Thanks for the photo's @paigeniamhh )

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I'll be updating my Flickr with a few photos at the end of the tour. All taken on the Sony A7RII. Here are a few for now and there are more on my Instagram too.


Alt text

Edited from 8am till 6pm stopping only to answer emails, pour coffee and eat (I may have visited the bathroom as well, yes...). Took delivery of the new Sigma ART Series 20mm F/1.4 lens. Canon fit as there is no Sony version, so will go on my cameras with the Metabones adaptors I have. Took it outside after eating evening tea and turned night into day using the Sony A7SII. Can not get over how clean this camera is. This is at 25600 ISO turning a, to my eyes, black sky blue. You can see the stars if you look closely.

The video for Stolen Moments I Directed and edited with Connor and Brad went live just after 7pm. I enjoyed shooting this one, though this happened on the shoot so I went home hungry. Grade in black and white was mainly due to the mix of light sources but partly I saw it this way when we shot anyway. Here's the video...

Feedback on Twitter was great again, thank you so much for the kind comments, I really appreciate them.

Alt textAlt text

Posted the photo below. On my Instagram account. Took it around this time last year, I think it's a view from somewhere we were doing press though it could be my hotel room window. Taken with the Fuji X-T1 and a 56mm F/1.2 Fuji lens. Tomorrow I'll be mainly packing and travelling up to the airport ready for our flight to New York and a 9 day tour on the East Coast.


Drummer Boy

Director's Cut I saw this boat on a walk a while back, fits for today's entry after my 'Director's Cut' of Tristan's Drum SOlo went live on YouTube.

Wake at 5am in agony. Not sure what i've managed to do but my arm is throbbing with pain. I manage to get back to sleep around half six for another hour and then get up for painkillers and editing. I work on the French Fanfest video till 1pm, stopping for coffee and more painkillers. Luckily while I work it isnt too bad, well, it's bearable, but anything else and i'm met with a shooting pain that immobilises me briefly every time.

I answer some emails, grab some lunch and then head out to Soph's salon to get my hair done. After that I pop into the shopping centre and have a look for a birthday present for my Mum and a quick look at the iPad Pro. It's big, and at first it feels massive in my hands but as time goes by I get more used to it. I use my iPad Air 2 a lot, more so since iOS 9 and the ability to go split screen (see below). I write these posts on it using 1Writer and this keyboard. I love that I can walk around with it in my hand and work, I can stand and put it on a shelf and send some emails, I can sit anywhere, in bed, on the floor, on a plane and type, basically I love it's versatility. So, the iPad Pro... It won't have most of those attributes, but it has many other qualities and it's made me consider it as a possible addition to my current workflow.

iPad Split Screen I write the blog on my iPad using the new split screen view to make linking etc a lot easier. Tris Drumming Photo taken on my Fuji X-T1 with the 56mm f/1.2 lens

At 7pm Tristan's Drum Solo goes live. It's taken from the O2 Arena show I Directed and edited for DVD that has just been released. It couldn't feature on the DVD due to copyright over the tracks Tris used during production of the track he drums to. It's a decision the band take, and though i'd love to see it on the DVD, I do agree that it's more important that the show, live, is as good as it possibly can be. It's fun to edit Tris's solo's, he's a very talented musician, hae a look, hopefully my Directing/Editing means you'll agree...

What does 12TB look like?

Alt text

Early morning colour grade in the suite on my iMac using FCPX and Denver RIddle's excellent Color Finale plugin (the plugin is the floating window in the screenshot below). Grade took around 3 hours, quite long as it's the first time i've balanced my new Sony A7SII camera to my FS7. Once all the shots are balanced (using both waveforms and vector scopes) I add my LUT of choice, in this and nearly all cases it's the superb range created by James Miller.

Alt text

Once the grade is finished I run back through the edit a few times checking audio on my Bose Companion Speakers and making sure I haven't missed anything. Usually i'll go do some other jobs and come back to an edit (if I have time) with a coffee a bit later in the day as that break from seeing it can often open your eyes to something new you have missed.

Alt text Backups are on these 4TB Naked drives that connect via these USB drive bays.

Once the video is uploaded (in UHD 4K) I run an important backup totalling just over 12TB in size, send some emails, reschedule some edits and plan for tomorrow's photo backup and reshuffle to my main edit drive (Promise Pegasus) drive ready for sending options for the 2016 tour booklet.

At 8pm the video goes live and here it is. Tried to make this as much about the boys as possible, there was a lot going on on-set and it's not easy to get good audio and with all the crew and extras it soon gets cramped so I try to get the moments in wardrobe and any moments more closed off from the set, which I hope works well in the edit...

The Snug

Todays epic breakfast Pretty awesome breakfast in The Snug, St. Albans today

Bit of a lie in followed by a trip to St. Albans with Soph to see the Christmas Market and then gulp down a Full English in a really nice pub called The Snug. Soph purchased an early Christmas present for me, some Jack Wills pyjama bottoms, i'm in them now whilst typing this, well I have been since we returned home.

Spent the afternoon editing the behind the scenes video for the RYL music video. It's pretty funny, Brad in wardrobe is worth watching alone for 'LOLs'.

Brad in wardrobe Brad trying on leather jackets for the video shoot is feat. in the behind the scenes.

More feedback on the DVD's today, like i've said before I really appreciate reading them, so thank you all, again...

More feedback on the DVDs

I have an app, if you didnt know, on iOS (coming to Android soon), it basically feeds my blog through it, try it and let me know what you think.

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We have just released the video from the GB Fanfest leg of that tour showing footage from Manchester, Glasgow & Birmingham. Unfortunately we couldn't film in London due to fees the O2 impose on anyone playing there. We did shoot this video back stage that day though. Anyway, you can see the video below, hope you enjoy it. They weren't easy to film at as we were never anywhere for very long and if we were the boys tended to be in press constantly. I'm looking forward to travelling again and having more freedom to film and just more options to build the stories, anyway... enough reading!