2015 and out

Wake up at 730am, check my sleep app, I've only had 5 hours and feel shattered, I drift back into a deep sleep until 11am when I'm woken by the door bell and an Amazon delivery. I grab tea, toast and jump back into bed to answer emails. I edit till another delivery arrives, it's the new SLR Magic Sony E Mount 50mm f/1.1 lens, within 10 mins I've taken a few photos of Imogen to see how the lens feels and I immediately love it. I'll test it our more over the next few weeks before I use if for 'work', early signs are good though.

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The SLR Magic 50mm f/1.1 on my A7Sii body, I grabbed the variable ND filter made for it as well so I can use that incredible DOF in daylight if I want to

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Imogen waking up after a long sleep. All these were taken at around ISO 10,000

I go back to the NYC edit, after key-wording last night, laying out my outline from the keywords this morning and adding in where my b-roll collections will sit I lay out my timeline very quick, clean up the cut points, equalise audio (manually, still one tool I'd love to see in FCPX to be able to equalise a project with one click) and grade.

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On the left is my very basic outline for my string-out in FCPX and on the right is the same page but I've added in which b-roll I will use where. Below you can see the keywords on the left in my browser window while I edit. A lot more keywords than in my notebook but you'll notice a lot are grouped together. Sometimes at this stage a key-worded section gets left out if I don't feel it will fit in the story.

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I finish the grade around 4pm and start uploading the massive 4GB file to YouTube (it's in 4K and is over 8 minutes, hence the size). While that is going on in the background I package up a load of photos from the year and send them to the team for social media as I'm going to be away from wifi for a few weeks.

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Brad in Australia at the beginning of 2015, Fuji X-T1 and the incredible 56mm f/1.2 lens, my favourite stills combination of the year

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A final run through of the New York Video on my iMac, room lighting via the Phillips Hue I have behind my monitor and sound via these awesome desktop speakers

I order a Chinese as Soph is heading out with friends and switch on the 1989 Tour film on Apple Music. As usual, I can't sit and do nothin', so I head back to the edit suite and add to my film grab file from the New York video.

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A few stills from the video

The blog will be taking a break until into January now as I will be taking a break and be without wifi I think. Many thanks to all of you who read and comment either here or on Twitter and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.