It's just a watch

Alt text Imogen mocking my yawns this morning

In and out of sleep till midday. Jetlag strikes again. Even though I've been in bed for around 12 hours I've probably managed no more than 6 hours sleep. I get up and make some brunch, and then watch my football team [Watford] surprisingly beat Liverpool 3-0. Soph gets back from work and we head out to get tea. Back home we watch Fargo, first series, final episode, I've seen it, and recommended it to Soph a few weeks ago, she digs it too, Billy Bob Thornton is sensational in this show.

Ive had my Apple Watch off for over 24 hours. I have previously written about my watch on here, and I loved it, but the long honeymoon period is over and it was time to see if I'd miss it if I didn't wear it. The reason, mainly, is the lack of updates from Apple to improve it (if that's even possible, is this its limitation), the frustrations I have with it just aren't being addressed and I've noticed 90% of what I'd like it to do, I can do quicker by getting my phone out of my pocket. Here's what I love and (I won't say hate, too strong a term) dislike about the Apple Watch :

Comfort & Looks

I need a wearable to be comfortable, and by and large it is, but it's no where near as nice to wear as my Daniel Wellington watch. I literally don't know I have that on, whereas the Apple Watch, with its less than perfect raise to view (yes I know I can turn that off, but then I have to touch the screen which is even more maladaptive for a watch) sometimes has me lowering and raising and twisting my wrist over and over and it just gets annoying over time. It's also a bit on the bulky side. Yes, it's a computer on your wrist and that is impressive, but, do I want that if its something I'm wearing everyday. I'm still not sure the benefit outweighs the con on that one. Especially with the watch in its current state.


No problems here for me. It lasts well through the day. Though it does leave me thinking that if 3rd party apps were responsive and useable, would the battery then be an issue. Is the battery good because the watch is at times useless and therefore in those situations, you go for the phone over the wearable device?

Built In Apps

The Messages app is good, though I find replying with Siri massively frustrating. In comparison with Siri on the phone it's just awful for me, not only does it mistake me more often than not but it also times out too frequently and just doesn't respond to my gabble. Mail is pointless, most of the time it's unreadable. My most used built in app, other than the clock of course, is the timer/stopwatch apps and I think I'll miss those the most, though I can live without them.

Third Party Apps

Are pretty much all too slow. Many often just become unresponsive, and over time I've deleted most form the watch looking out for updates that never came, and it's my understanding from what I've read it's not the developers fault. I liked fantastical, I liked 2Do, but found myself gradually opening them less and less over time to the point I wasn't using any third party apps on my watch and it had purely become a watch.


Once Watch OS 2 was released I was excited for third party complications, and there were a few I liked like Carrot Weather and App In The Air, but too often they wouldn't update and with apps like one for catching a flight, that's not a good thing and in the end takes you even longer to get the information you need when you eventually give up looking at your wrist and grab your phone.

Apple Watch

I still don't hate the thing. I still think it is incredibly visionary, and I think that's the issue, it's not ready. It's a version one device so hopefully can only get better, but for now mine is going to collect dust for a while. Will new firmware bring it back to life, I doubt it now, I think we are looking at version 2 sometime in 2016 to be honest. Will I get it, probably, though without knowing the spec I can't say for definite. I think looking back at my previous 'review' I wanted it to be awesome, when over time, reality is, it just isn't quite right yet, and the frustrations have worn me down. I'll miss Apple Pay with it, and I'll miss the stopwatch/timer functions, but typing this and looking at my DW watch I feel a sense of freedom, and that might wear off too, but for now, i feel happier going old school :)