Thursday 2nd October

I’m up at 730am, I want to go back to sleep but my mind is already shuffling through todays jobs. I get up and open the laptop to read emails and then jump into Clear on my phone to see what jobs I need to do. I write down my top three and then get a text from James asking if i’m up. We go to breakfast, it’s a really nice morning which puts me in a good mood. I have an omelette which is my new favourite meal and then James shows me his suite he had for the night because his blinds had broke in his room. The room is amazing, with electric curtains, TV’s everywhere a lounge two bathrooms and a kitchen. I return to mine with a bunch of peppermint tea he said I could have and then answer emails before getting into some edits. Around 11 I stop and setup to film something in my room with Connor. The boys are getting busier and busier so its important I’m ready for when he arrives so I don’t keep him for too long.

We shoot something really funny, as usual with Con as soon as he goes into character we get through scenes really quick. I load in the footage and around an hour later the edit is being shown to management, I make a tweak on a graphic, render and it's ready. After that I shower, get dressed and head to the venue to setup lights in the dressing room to shoot something for the DVD. Again making sure I'm ready for the boys so they're not hanging around waiting for me. I film each of the guys individually and then grab a few scenes I have in my shot list of the band together. That done I go and see Connor, our video LCD technician to check everything is ok for the screens tonight, he assures me we are all good to go. Happy with that news I go back to the dressing room, pack away all the lights and then load them on to the bus. Before I know it its show time, I haven't had time to eat but adrenaline starts to kick in and I shoot the show again on the FS700, unfortunately this camera has to go back to the hire company tomorrow which is a shame. Show done we all jump on the bus and head to the hotel where I ingest footage (onto hard drives) and then food (into my stomach) and then quickly put out a little Instagram video you can see here of Con falling over on stage. Around 130am I get into bed, I start to read but my eyes start shutting shop for the day.

Wednesday 1st October

Wake around 8am, a little earlier than I wanted but it just means I can get more done. I get a text from James after checking my emails in bed summoning me to breakfast. I go for the un healthy but satisfying pancakes with a cup of tea and we chit chat for an hour or so. Back in my room I switch on the laptop and perform my daily ritual of going through my to-do list app on my iPhone (I use ‘Clear) and writing down on paper what my top three priority jobs for the day are. Sometimes choosing three isn’t very easy, but I do this so I know what I need to get done as opposed to what i’d like to work on.

That done I rip through the first three in no time. I send a quick email out to management checking a graphic over a video, to which Richard arrives at my room a few minutes later and we make live changes in Final Cut while he stays, he says it’s good, and I export the ProRes file. One of the best things with editing in ‘X’ is the fact I can live edit and playback at the same time, it’s great for your client to see the change right in front of their eyes and it’s equally awesome for you, the editor, getting sign off on a project while they are stood with you.

I then go into another project where I need to do some sound design. I really like the Channel equaliser in FCPX, it helps me pick out voice frequencies when working on dialogue so if there’s any background noise I can find it’s frequency and pull the sound down from it. Vital if you are a ‘run and gun’ documentary style shooter. Sound done, I nip to the restaurant and grab a latte, i’m feeling tired today, it’s most probably because I stayed up late reading last night, need to try and get to sleep earlier tonight. I get back to my room and answer a few emails, and then the hotel concierge calls to let me know a delivery has arrived and asks if they can bring it to me, it’s this…

I put it aside for a bit while I finish my jobs and then go for a meeting before we head off for the Apollo in Manchester. As soon as we arrive I get batteries on charge for the Sony FS700 I'm using tonight and tomorrow to get some slow motion footage for the DVD trailer. With the canon 24-70 on it its a beast of a setup, I shoot a few passes in sound check mainly of Tristan and then grab food from catering. Pre show me and Brad mess about with a football we found (as kids do) and then its show time. I shoot the show in 400 fps Super-Slow Motion which looks great, but comes with an issue. When you hit record, the camera buffers the footage and then when the 8 second recording maximum is reached the internal system records the buffered 8 seconds, which takes around a minute and 20 seconds. On that basis, shooting a live show, you get two 8 second super slow motion shots per song (at a push on some songs, three). So you have to make it count basically! Once the show is finished we jump on the bus and head back to the hotel where I offload footage, order food and then jump into bed to watch The Inbetweeners.