Home, again.

Wake up around 6am uk time. We have around an hour and 30 mins till we land. I'm served tea and some apple juice with ice, I choose not to eat breakfast, I can't remember what the choices were, but I do remember they were odd, I wasn't hungry anyway so no bother.

Alt text Coming in to land over England

We land and are on hold waiting for our arrival gate to become free for about 15 minutes. Then when we finally get there, we have a 45 minute wait because the jetway has broke. So essentially we wait for 45 minutes for some steps to arrive. I say my goodbyes, Christmas wishes and happy new year's to everyone before meeting my driver and heading home. Once I get in, I shower, and head to bed until 230pm. I spend the rest of the day in a haze, wanting to get things done but seemingly unable to cope with anything that requires my mind.

Alt text More AAA passes to add to the collection

US Trip Recap

The trip was great. The band made some good progress, played some cool shows and I think as a team we all enjoyed a slightly more relaxed tour than most. Baltimore is one of my favourite US cities, and although I didn't have chance to venture down to the centre this time, the outskirts where we stayed were a nice reminder. Poughkeepsie, definitely one of the places I've had to check the spelling of the most, had the best restaurant of the trip, the 50/50 burger being the only one I allowed myself on the trip, and that seems right considering it's award winning! Albany, though a short visit had some really nice scenery and during those two town visits we stayed in New Jersey for a few days, unfortunately rooted to the edit suite I didn't get to see any of the city but we did shoot this cover on the tour bus.

Alt text My edit suite setups in hotel rooms. I'm always trying to refine what I take to maximise portability and quality of my edit. The iPad pro as an extra screen using the duet app is a must now for me. I like the MacBook stand as it helps my posture while I sit, but I need to find one I can break down so it fits easier in my bag.

In Norfolk, Virginia we stayed on a university campus, well, in a hotel on the campus, and I got my favourite opening shot to one of the videos as well as some nice long walks around the Old Dominion University there. Then of course we arrived in New York, a magical city I just can't get enough of. I visited Brooklyn and finally got to take a photo of the iconic New Yorker sign as well as stopping by at the Rockefeller and Times Square. Looking forwards to our next trip in the States already!

Alt text My new bag from Tom Bihn and the Somy A7SII + Zeiss Loxia 35mm f/2 lens.

I also picked up a new bag in New York. Thanks to the staff at Tom Bihn for their help getting me exactly what I wanted before I left the city. This is the bag I chose and though it might seem expensive I can tell it's going to last me a long, long time. Seems very well made, looking forward to using it on my next trip.