Wednesday 8th October

Catch a train from my home in Watford into London and meet the bus for our drive to Brighton. I answer emails and play some FIFA, me and Brad have one of the best games we've both ever played and he ends up getting lucky and beating me on penalties. When we arrive I negotiate a camera spot with lighting and sound so I can reshoot the wide angle. I set up on the balcony at the back of the arena to get a different angle, it’s going to match up the two shows from here as down on the floor Birmingham and Brighton look far to different. Camera in position I head over to Jon, James’ guitar tech to see if he can drill a hole through my GoPro housing so I can connect it up to a plug tonight.

Around 6pm, back in the dressing room after catering I attempt to sit through a meeting, what’s stopping me is Brad who for some reason has decided he wants to do my hair, I just leave him to it but stop him at the ‘let me take a photo’ point. I shoot the show and head back to the hotel to log the footage onto a hard drive that’s being couriered back to London in the morning for the edit and end up falling asleep whilst checking the sound mix for the DVD.