From Virginia to New York

Wake Up to emails from the label needing some footage urgently. I get up, go back into my archives using Disk Tracker and send it over straight away. It's an 'internal use' piece. I put the coffee machine to work with my newly arrived Dunkin Donuts coffee and then receive another delivery, this time it's my new Lifx lightbulb. I set it up and once I've ironed out the teething problems it's in full awesome mode. The problem I have now is I need two different apps to operate my lightbulbs, I figure someone will have designed an app for this so leave it till later.

Alt text

I edit the Virginia video from this day till around 530pm before stopping to shower while it uploads to the bands YouTube channel, and then begin the long task of adding a 'tag cloud' to my blog (it's over to the right in the sidebar if you are viewing on my website (on iPhones I think it's at the bottom of the page), it's going to take a few days to get it fully going but I've made a start. We head out for an early Christmas Dinner which goes down a treat and then stop off for some supplies before I delve into the New York edit. I end up going at it till nearly midnight before stopping to write this with an Ovaltine in my pj's. I also find out the wicked Do Button app by IFTTT is my answer for my new wifi lights in one app.

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A few film grabs from the Virginia video, there's that opening shot I was talking about

Alt text

Early Christmas Dinner, don't mind if I do

Alt text

The box being positioned during the bands Soundcheck that Brad would stand on during the show to sing a 'mic-less' performance of Shout About It which will be featured in the New York video.