Sunday 5th October

Wake up around 7 am after a restless night to say the least. Tossing and turning constantly worrying about different things for the live DVD shoot tonight. I get up and order breakfast to my room so I can email, text and call rather than wasting any time. After breakfast I clone my main hard drive and give the backup to Fin to look after incase anything happens to my copy. When I get home i’ll make another backup of everything always making sure I have three copies of my footage and photo’s. I go to reception and grab the guys laundry for them. As we shot some backup footage for the DVD last night in Liverpool, they were in the same clothes, so we dumped the stuff at reception last night and its ready before we leave so they have fresh clothes for the main shoot night tonight. I pack and say goodbye to The Lowry which has pretty much been home for the past week, it’s possibly my favourite hotel in the UK. The staff are all great, the food is really nice and they even brought me a chair from the business centre so I was comfier editing.

We arrive in Birmingham around 330pm, I meet the crew and then give mine and Liv’s files from last night to Josh, our DiT (Digital Imaging Technician) for the job so he can sort everything into a file system ready for our editor the next day. We setup the cameras and then get all my camera operators in position so they can check angles during soundcheck. Soundcheck doesn’t go well as James’ guitar has a problem so the crew only get to see one and half songs. After soundcheck the crew go off to Nando’s for dinner and I dine in catering with the band to talk them through what’s happening tonight and what I need from them during the show. After Dinner I go and see Connor our LCD screen operator to tell him we need the video part for Somebody To You back in tonight, he does that, we check it runs ok and off I go. Next stop is Graham our head of security, I need to let him know who will be where on the night so he can tell venue security during their briefing. Inbetween this me and Brad talk about him coming into the pit during Can We Dance, I want him to, he wants to, its sorted straight away. Next stop on my journey around the arena is Dom our man for lighting at the shows. I ask for a little more in the way of house lights so I can get some crowd shots and he asks me to remind the boys that in between songs they need to wait till a spot comes on them rather than starting to chat in the dark. Thats my next stop. Back to the dressing room, I chat again to the band. On my way back to our video production room I grab my walkie talkie from Iain in production, and then ask him if he can print out 14 set lists with Pyrotechnics info on them, which he does. By now the crew are back and I have a room setup so i can give them my Directors chat. I talk them through the set and give them individual pointers for parts in the show that are key for them to get. That done , they go off into position and I go and wish the band good luck.

I grab a bottle of water and off we go. I have a pack and in-ears, as I do most nights so I can get messages from crew/band (they have a talk back mic on stage as well that doesn't play out to front of house) and just before the show starts Joe says “come on boys , big night for everyone especially Dean so let's do it.” Which makes me smile. Straight away we notice there is a pixel block dead on the screen. Connor, on the LCD screen ends up having to switch out a whole block, which causes problems on the screen for around the first 6 songs, not the best start, but nobody’s fault. Just one of those things, I just tell both band and crew to ignore what's going on and keep going. Throughout the set i'm running around giving instructions, reminding when Pyro is and just checking everyone is ok in general. Once the show is over the crew pack down the gear and Josh our DiT starts offloading and sorting through the 14 memory cards , the crew leave and so do I , time to rest my head, I for the first time all week, sleep well :)