Tour Documentary

I am now three episodes into what looks like around an 8 Episode YouTube Documentary for this years tour. It would have been nice to have started this in Australia / Asia back in Jan/Feb but because the band needed a DVD for the I Found A Girl single release that couldn't happen. The plan with it is to make the 8 episodes (I say 8 it could end up being anything from 8 - 12) and then release a longer version with a bunch of unseen stuff around Christmas, i'm guessing that would be a DVD though i'm pushing for a digital version of it most likely on iTunes. As for what was filmed backstage in London, that'll be a little extra on the Live DVD I just Directed at The O2 Arena for the band. Anyway, onto the episodes :

The third episode was entirely shot on the new Sony A6300 and my Freefly Movi M5. It has the worlds fastest Autofocus tracking system in video mode and though it misses a few times (which if you watch very very closely you can see, it is in the whole 'mind bogglingly' good! The only problem I need to solve is if I have the 10-18 f/4 Sony lens on the camera the lens protrudes top and bottom and i'd end up damaging the lens if I mounted it on Movi. So at the minute I have the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 on at all times but thats a great lens anyhow, so not too worried. Have had some great feedback on social media on the series so far so thanks to anyone who's taking the time for that! 

On stage 'Moviying' with the @freeflysystems #Movi #MoviM5 in Newcastle. (Thanks for the photo's @paigeniamhh )

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I'll be updating my Flickr with a few photos at the end of the tour. All taken on the Sony A7RII. Here are a few for now and there are more on my Instagram too.

Dunkin Donuts, Fetus Photo's and Ice Cream

Alt text

Up and straight to the laundrette to leave them to deal with my washing from the recent trip to America. Back at the office I delve into my day's to-do list and start by sorting and sending a bunch of photos across to the merch team. Included are some recent ones (outtake above) and some 'pre-signed' Vamps photo's as well (out takes below) and even some Instax scans

Alt text Alt textAlt text Alt text

I grab a coffee and think back to how much I enjoyed my coffee this day. Within 10 minutes I have made a Dunkin Donuts ground coffee order, amazed and excited by the fact it is available in the UK. My next job requires I go back into the Live At The O2 DVD project. It's not on my main edit drive anymore so I fire up Disk Tracker and within seconds I am told it'll be on Drive 10 in my archive.

Alt text Archive drive 10 loaded up for one of today's tasks

I store the footage on naked 4TB hard drives that slot into a USB 3 drive bay. Once the project opens up I go about pulling out three songs from the master edit file that are being uploaded today to the bands YouTube channel. I chop them up, compress and upload. I flick back through them to check they are ok. This is a DVD that, maybe by luck, had zero change requests from anyone. My first pass/first cut was also my final cut. I wish that happened for every project! I am very happy with the DVD and messages like this one below further enhance my happiness about it.

Alt text

Incidentally, here are the three tracks from the live DVD should you wish to watch...

That done I head to see some family and enjoy catching up briefly over a cup of tea before heading back to carry on the days work. Before getting home I stop off to pick up the Laundry, and get some fairy liquid, only...I forget that's what I'm there for, and end up buying some waffles and ice cream which I'm both happy and annoyed about when I remember back home. I jump into the Poughkeepsie and Albany edit from this day and have a clean 4 hour run in which I finish including grade (it's uploading to YouTube while I type this), here's a few screenshots from the video.

Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text

The band also posted this photo on their Instagram that I took a few months ago, today.

Alt text


Since I woke this morning I have done nothing but edited, stopping occasionally for a drink or to play with our cat Imogen for a few minutes. Been a really productive day though. Two videos edited and a bunch of stuff sorted for the next week. I'm a day late on linking to this new video I shot and edited in New York City recently. I shot the 'B Roll' purely incase I needed it on my 'time off' whilst on our recent trip out there. After I completed the first edit of the video, which was all performance, I was asked if I had any 'old shots of New York I could use' to make it feel a bit 'different'. One thing i've always believed in is to get more coverage than you need. That's why when the guys ask if i'm going out for dinner, or if I want to go see a film or maybe just go play volleyball or something, I 90% of the time can't, I want to, but I need to be filming, I need to be getting footage, I need the coverage. Anyway, i hope you enjoy the video...

An American update...

Haven't written here for a while, that's a mix of being busy and planning on being busier. The next  two weeks are pretty hectic and it's unlikely I'll get many chances to write so in between two edits I thought i'd write a little about the past week...

First off, we flew from Madrid to LA via London. It started great. On Delta's Inaugural flight from London to LA the Captain came and moved me (being the only member of the party in economy) into First Class. Awesome. For the 12 hour flight I now had a chair that would massage me and turn into a flat bed. This meant I slept for 7 hours of the flight, and for the other 5 watched a film (Let's Be Cops : Brilliant) and enjoyed the service upgrade. Then, straight back to earth, literally, in two ways, my luggage was, for the third time this year, lost. Four days later, and after i'd been told they were in LA but lost inside the airport somewhere??!! They arrived at the hotel... Rather than rabbit on, here's a few photo's from the trip so far...

Here's three videos from the trip as well, the boys cover with girl band Cimorelli and two signing videos for the launch of 'Meet The Vamps' in the US.