Director / Cinematographer / Photographer / Editor

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A Quick Look...

A glimpse at some of my work as a Director, Filmmaker, videographer, editor and photographer.


The following is a brief selection of my work as a Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Photographer over the past few years. In 2016 alone I produced & directed 2 films, over 15 music videos and more than 30 YouTube videos which included a 9 series documentary. In the past three years my work has accumulated almost half a billion views online. I travelled to more than 20 countries and spent almost 5 days in total flying. Below is a showreel highlighting some of my favourite work in the past year.


I am a multimedia storyteller. I started out in stills and 'moved' into motion along the way. Here is a selection of commissioned and personal stills from the past year (2016).