Documentary filmmaker based in Watford, England. Currently working for The Vamps / Universal Music. Occasional Photographer, frequent coffee drinker.


The Vamps Somebody To You Mall Event, New Jersey

First of many videos coming your way, should you wish them to be in your way that is, from our tour in America. Shot and then edited on the plane from New York to San Antonio, Texas. 

Somebody To You (Acoustic Version)

Directed / FIlmed / Edited by Dean Sherwood

This was filmed in the exact location that Brad, James and Tristan had their first ‘official’ group photo. Really nice location to film. Shot in about an hour and edited/graded that night at the hotel. Infact, it was this night.

Camera : Canon C100 | Lenses Used : Canon EFS 17-55mm f/2.8 IS

Edited on : Macbook Pro 15” Retina Display using FCPX and graded using Davinci Resolve by Blackmagic.

While i’m editing, i’m timelapsing… 

When the window panes are a few feet apart (no idea why) then even my lenskirt can’t help (see the light reflection on the left-mid of the video). Of course if I want to use this for anything professionally, I can remove it from all 790 frames. 

Oh, and did you see the rainbow?

To try and promote Brad’s version of Sweater Weather I had the idea of shooting a video where Brad would be centred in the video and the location would keep changing behind him. My initial notes were :

"Brad will be centred, singing into camera and the location will change regularly throughout the video keeping the video interesting, hopefully some  luck along the way with people in shot makes it funny at times. Will need around 30 to 50 angles."

The reality of it was, we ended up literally having 30 minutes to film due to the bands schedule, so we grabbed 9 angles, which made the edit harder but I still think it’s effective. In hindsight, to do this properly you’d need to shoot on a tripod at the same height every time, and have a screen overlay on the LCD of the camera so the singer is in the same place every time (same focal length as well of course). Anyway, you can see how the video came out above.

Filmed and edited by myself whilst we were on tour with The Wanted. This is part of the Carry On Vamping 4 Documentary which is available for pre order by clicking here, out July 7th. By the way, that ‘half a game of FIFA’ me and Brad had ended because he was getting beaten ;)