Documentary filmmaker based in Watford, England. Currently working for The Vamps / Universal Music. Occasional Photographer, frequent coffee drinker.

Vlog No. 2 - How did I get this Job? 

I’ve already noticed i’ve missed a bunch of stuff out so i’ll most likely do another version at some point! Anyway, hope it casts some light on how I got from ‘A to B’.

The Vamps, Hyde Park.
Thanks for all your kind messages, I do read them, it means a lot.

The Vamps, Hyde Park.
Thanks for all your kind messages, I do read them, it means a lot.

Somebody To You (Acoustic Version)

Directed / FIlmed / Edited by Dean Sherwood

This was filmed in the exact location that Brad, James and Tristan had their first ‘official’ group photo. Really nice location to film. Shot in about an hour and edited/graded that night at the hotel. Infact, it was this night.

Camera : Canon C100 | Lenses Used : Canon EFS 17-55mm f/2.8 IS

Edited on : Macbook Pro 15” Retina Display using FCPX and graded using Davinci Resolve by Blackmagic.

I will most likely chat about my job, gear, editing, filming, travel and more. I’m open to suggestions…as you can see! 

Edited all day then went to our local Starbucks on the promise Soph was buying (and being sociable, see photo). We ordered from the ‘Secret Menu’. Sophie grabbed a Nutella Frap, and even though i’d said on the way “I want a hot coffee”, I guzzled a Red Velvet Frapuccino as that voice inside my head persuaded me somehow, last minute, to go for something I didn’t even want. Starbucks quashed, we headed home and went for a walk along the canal near our house. I of course had a camera with me for all of this. Back at HQ we rocked the sofa watching some Orange Is The New Black on the ‘Flix’.

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